Reprinted with permission from Resource Recycling Magazine’s December 2019 issue.

An Untapped Source

Co-authored by:
Rachel Kenyon, Vice President, Fibre Box Association
David Refkin, Affiliate Senior Consultant, RRS

From the article…

Corrugated cardboard has been one of the most-recycled packaging materials for decades because the recovered fiber is a valuable feedstock for manufacturing new corrugated and paper products. However, major transformations in commerce, supply chains and end markets have begun to affect the OCC recovery stream. Retail has provided a readily available and high-quality source of OCC and is the backbone of the industry’s supply base. But as brick-and-mortar stores decline, more OCC is shifting to e-commerce distribution centers and household residences. The FBA authorized RRS to conduct a pilot program aimed at discovering best practices and recommendations for improving OCC recovery in the multi-family realm.

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