Healthy Food, Healthy Environment, Healthy Community

RRS - CleanMed 2015 - Foodwaste - compostable foodservice wareHospitals are in the business of making people healthy. However, promoting good health goes beyond the exam or operating room. That extension of encouraging health can be seen in the food selection in the cafeteria, the recycling/composting practices in the waste management department – all of which appeal to the local community – the patients. The ROI can be seen through achieving better patient outcomes, better environmental performance, and increased engagement in the community – all driving toward attracting more patients to see the facility as the optimum choice for health.

If you attended CleanMed 2015 in Portland, Oregon , you certainly heard about a variety of topics that affect health care sustainability. There may be none that crosses all boundaries of sourcing and procurement, patient/staff/visitor nutrition, material (and waste) management, and community health, than the topic of food and food waste.

RRS’ Vice President, Nicole Chardoul, took to the stage with US Army Public Health Command Environmental Scientist, Patricia Rippey, as well as RRS client, Beaumont Health System Director of Nutrition and Retail Services, Maureen Husek, to Take a Bite Out of Food Waste. Nicole tackled some of the topics of food waste that point to “highest and best use”: local sourcing, policy drivers, infrastructure, next life options, outreach, and making the business case.

RRS - CleanMed 2015 - Foodwaste - management best practicesView the full slide deck here: Take a Bite out of Foodwaste