U.S. Composting Council: Compost2017

We need to use our food resources as efficiently as possible.

That means taking action through prevention, recovery/donation, and composting/recycling.

Visit us at BOOTH 407.

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JD Lindeberg RRS President

JD Lindeberg
RRS President

Nicole Chardoul RRS Vice President

Nicole Chardoul
RRS Vice President

Hunt Briggs RRS Consultant

Hunt Briggs
RRS Consultant



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Past Work in Organics

ReFED Roadmap Solutions
The ReFED project, a multi-stakeholder study, evaluated the most promising solutions for achieving national food waste reduction.

  • Developed visual map of food waste generation and loss;
  • Overlaid current organics recycling infrastructure;
  • Analyzed potential for composting, AD and animal feed solutions; and
  • Developed roadmap and cost curve to drive business, policy and investment decisions.

Food Manufacturer Food Waste Recovery & Recycling
A large ice cream manufacturing facility was being charged approximately $1 million in annual surcharges from the city water pollution control plant due to high BODs in their process water.

  • Developed baseline of current volumes;
  • Evaluated potential end users;
  • Estimated costs of disposal through hog farmers, AD and composting; and
  • Recommended improvements to waste management processes and vendor relations.

University Composting Expansion

The University of Michigan contracted with RRS to conduct a feasibility study on possible expansion of their composting program.

  • Technical evaluation of available compost feedstock;
  • Technical evaluation of composting systems (i.e., in-vessel aerobic, AD, open-air windrows);
  • Identified operating and equipment requirements and environmental considerations;
  • Identified costs and finished product quality and uses; and
  • Provided review of potential sites and business case justification for most feasible option.

Composting Equipment Grant
St. Louis Composting, the largest compost producer in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri metro area, wanted to expand the types of organic waste it accepted to include food waste.

  • Researched depackaging equipment;
  • Analyzed fiscal impacts and prepared proforma cash flow statements; and
  • Prepared grant application.
  • Result: Grant approved, depackager installed, capacity and output increased.
RRS at Compost2017