RRS and Dow Discuss the New American Frontier of Material Recovery

RRS - Benefits Accrue when Value Chain ExtendedThe U.S. is behind the world when it comes to reuse and recycling – that is no secret. Corporate sustainability officers have shied away from focusing on recycling targets because they appear complicated, metrics can have regional variation, or they score low on materiality for GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting. If you dig a bit deeper to examine the risks and lost opportunity, there is a genuine business case for recycled commodities.

Materials recovery is emerging as the new American frontier, and through the exploration of buying local, the stabilization of the supply chain (regardless of petroleum), and the collaboration of leading companies, the expansion of materials recovery can fulfill the manifest destiny of recycling.

On Thursday, April 30th during the Conference Board’s 14th Annual Sustainability Summit (April 29-30 in New York City), a panel consisting of RRS’ Vice Presidents of Global Corporate Sustainability Susan Graff and Anne Johnson were joined by Dow’s Global Sustainability Director Jeff Wooster. They discussed the current gap in U.S. materials recovery, the opportunity to design products that can be recovered and strengthen business, as well as the innovative, collaborative program “Materials Recovery for the Future”.

Materials Recovery for the Future

Access all three presentations here:

Susan Graff, RRS: Addressing the Gap in US Materials Recovery

Anne Johnson, RRS: Circular Economy

Jeff Wooster, Dow: Collaboration for Improved Recovery