• Tweet to Risk in 60 Seconds

    August 20, 2014

          Tweet to Risk in 60 Seconds According to Internet Live Stats, 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter each second – that equates to approximately 500 million tweets per day. That simple statistic shows the power and speed of social media. Its viral nature spreads messages that can uplift, influence, annoy or destroy […]

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  • Slide Deck: University Food Recovery Program Design

    September 12, 2014

    Slide Deck: A Deep Dive into Food Recovery Program Design RRS’ organics expert Nicole Chardoul gave a presentation during the College & University Recycling Coalition (CURC) webinar. Nicole provided a comprehensive discussion of the decision points involved in designing a food recovery and composting program. View the full slide deck here: RRS Nicole Chardoul – A Deep […]

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  • The Best of Diverted Intentions

    September 22, 2014

              The Best of Diverted Intentions In the policy realm disposal bans are used as a mechanism to divert material from disposal facilities and to drive reuse, recycling, composting or alternative types of recovery. The zero waste movement has picked up this idea and run with it. No one disputes that […]

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  • Engaging Management

    October 2, 2014

                Engaging Management How do you get people at the top of your organization to engage on sustainability? Ask them what your customers expect today. Sustainability is a marketplace driven imperative; it is not about compliance. A big myth is that corporate sustainability is another cost center, like EHS compliance […]

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  • Check Up for Food Waste

    October 7, 2014

    Check Up for Food Waste When a known and respected institution, such as a hospital, leads the way in environmental health and sustainability, it takes the motto of “do no harm” to a whole new level that reaches beyond patients, employees, and visitors, and into the community at large. Hospitals can have a huge influence […]

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  • The University of Food Waste

    October 13, 2014

    The University of Food Waste I have to say that I was incredibly excited when I read the recent news that California has passed a statewide ban on organic waste going to the landfill and requiring businesses and multi-family households to contract for collection of it. They have joined a growing movement spearheaded by Vermont, […]

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  • USC: Best Practices and Program Improvements

    October 20, 2014

    The Client The University of South Carolina’s (USC) flagship campus is located in Columbia, South Carolina. USC is home to more than 31,000 students studying in 324 degree programs. The University is committed to developing and maintaining an environment that enhances human health and fosters a transition toward sustainability. The Challenge USC’s recycling program began […]

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  • MSU: On-Site Flex Facility

    October 21, 2014

    The Client Michigan State University (MSU) is the nation’s pioneer land-grant university. Founded in 1855, MSU is now home to 49,000 students and a faculty and staff of 11,000. A unit of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, MSU’s Sustainability Office leads research, data collection, programming, outreach, and communications for the Be Spartan Green environmental stewardship initiative. […]

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  • Talking Local Recovery

    November 3, 2014

    Talking Local Recovery GI Joe said knowing is half the battle. I’m not sure he’s got his percentages correct, but the idea has merit. Look at top performing recycling programs across the country. Every one of them involves a number of well-run components that work together to create better recovery. Efficient collection, a broad suite […]

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  • Modern Marketing Methods

    November 11, 2014

    Modern Marketing Methods Traditional marketing still exists, but marketing is on the move. We carry it with us when we open our laptops, swipe our tablets, or tap our smartphones. Look around the next meeting you’re in and see how many of these devices are on the conference table or in the hands of those […]

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