Organics Expert, Nicole Chardoul, Talks Organic Waste and Healthcare

October 10, 2014, Ann Arbor, MI – Sustainability and recycling consulting firm Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) congratulates Nicole Chardoul, Principal and Vice President, on a successful presentation during the Michigan Green Health Conference at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Oct 9th.

Chardoul provided numbers behind food waste. 10% of institutional food purchases become waste. In cafeterias, each tray generates up to ½ pound of food waste. Food waste represents 25% of US methane emissions.

RRS Nicole Chardoul - From ColWaste - Mich Green Health 2014 11Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, their 20-person green team, and their drive toward zero waste were highlighted during the presentation. In 2013, the hospital took a look at food waste and the possibility of composting. It was found that 10% of the non-regulated waste was food waste and the main sources were from patient meals, as well as on-site cafes and dining areas. Chardoul talked about Beaumont’s pilot program for food waste management, and the phases of rolling out a full food waste and compostables management program.

In addition to environmental benefits, Chardoul talked about the benefit of local engagement. She also indicated how managing food waste creates an incentive to educate and encourage other sustainable practices such as recycling, waste reduction and social responsibility.

“The medical field takes an oath of ‘Do No Harm’,” stated Chardoul. “Shouldn’t that also extend to the environment and the choice for healthy nutrition via local markets and a closed loop system that recovers food waste?”

Nicole has extensive knowledge of engineering, pollution prevention, recycling and composting facility construction oversight, as well as equipment and system procurement for various types of green projects. She has trained compost site operators and managers on operational protocols and site design since 2000 and has served on local compost regulatory review committees to encourage composting and food diversion from the landfill. Nicole currently sits as Chair for the Washtenaw Food Policy Council.

Nicole’s presentation slide deck, From Collection to Best Use of Food Waste, is available online at: RRS Nicole Chardoul – From Collection to Best Use of Food Waste – Mich Green Health 2014