Adding New Materials to Curbside Recycling: MRF Pilot Program for Films, Bags, and Pouches.

Watch the playback here (note slides will appear approximately 1 minute into the recording): NERC WEBINAR

We’ve heard the phrases “back to basics” and “recycle light” floating about the industry, but is it really time to pull back when we have real opportunity in the US to keep moving forward?

The webinar, hosted by the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC), shares current research into the recycling of plastic films, bags, and pouches – flexible packaging that is mainly polyethylene plus other resins and trace materials.

The webinar also highlights the current pilot program at J.P. Mascaro & Sons’ MRF in Berks County, PA. The MRF is testing a positive sort for a flexible plastic packaging material mix captured from single stream into a new rFlex product bale for end market uses.

The webinar features RRS’ Susan Graff and Chris King presenting key findings from their MRF automated sorting research, as well as J.P. Mascaro Sr. sharing his perspective on the importance of the pilot.

Webinar original aired on November 14, 2018.