NW&RA Webinar: The Costs of Recycling

RRS - NWRA Webinar 2015 - Single STream Processing CostswThe National Waste & Recycling Association(NW&RA) hosted The Costs of Recycling webinar featuring William P. Moore, President of Moore & Associates, Michael Timpane, Affiliate Vice President of RRS, and Anne M. Germain, P.E., BCEE, Director of Waste & Recycling Technology for NW&RA. The webinar shared the costs of recycling from collection, to processing, to marketing the finished products.

RRS’ Michael Timpane focused on key core concepts in understanding the financial variables affecting the MRF business models and the economic position of municipal recycling and diversion facilities in the face of today’s challenges. Additionally, Michael talked about the difference between the cost to process and the cost of recovery.

View Michael’s slide deck here: Costs of Recycling and Diversion