Brands & Manufacturers

Private industry impacts the recovery value chain at several points including product design, consumer engagement, and material recovery. Today’s consumer expects companies to be an active participant in sustainability throughout the product and packaging lifecycle. RRS assists brands, manufacturers, processors, and other businesses in meeting these demands through design for recyclability/compostability, sustainability planning and tracking, supply chain assessments, and stakeholder engagement.

RRS Services:

Sustainability/Zero Waste Planning Waste Audit/Assessment
TruCycle™ Recyclability/Compostability Assessment Sustainable Procurement Planning
Packaging Design for Recoverability Data Research, Metrics, Reporting
Material Recovery Markets & Infrastructure Insights End Market Assessment
Communications, Meeting Facilitation & Training Sustainability Scorecard®

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Project Examples:

Pepsico Recycling: Strategic development of outreach toolkits, animated videos, and other educational materials for schools in support of the Recycle Rally program.

Various Organizations: TruCycle™ evaluates the recyclability or compostability – from collection and sorting to processing and end markets – of product packaging in the US, Canada, Europe, and a variety of international markets.

Aerospace and Defense Technology Company: Conducted waste assessments at various company locations to identify opportunities for source reduction, use-in-process efficiency, and enhanced waste diversion.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition: Researched community guidelines throughout the US for over 40 materials to determine acceptance in curbside/drop-off recycling programs.

Walmart: Assisted with research and analysis in developing the Pursing Zero Waste in a Diverse Landscape report focused on the international waste and recovery landscape.

Automotive Auction Company: Characterized floor mat and textile waste streams, identified end markets with proximity to operational generation, and designed and tested standard operating procedures for diverting material in select markets.