Ocean plastics, restrictions on exporting/importing recycled materials, consumer demand – these issues extend beyond a single organization or single country and impact companies, industries, and society. Our reach extends to clients across the globe and with multiple international locations facing sustainability demands based on local recovery programs, markets, and policies.

RRS Services

Circular Supply Chain & Circular Economic Development Market Analysis & Due Diligence
TruCycle™ Recyclability/Compostability Assessment Technical & Economic Feasibility Analysis
Sustainable Packaging Design & Planning Recycling & Packaging Policy Analysis
Sustainability Assessment & Strategy Development Materials Management & Zero Waste Planning
Recovery Program, Infrastructure & Technology Development Education & Training

RRS Global Experience

RRS has studied markets throughout the world including projects on solid waste management, recycling programs, recycling policy, organics processing, consumer behavior, packaging policy, plastics and fiber.

Map indicates locations of client organizations and/or subject matter research.


RRS has conducted studies within or about: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Germnay, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, US Virgin Islands, and Vietnam. Regions include: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America.


Our Work

Walmart: International Waste and Recovery White Paper
Cover of Walmart White Paper: Pursuing Zero Waste in a Diverse LandscapeRRS conducted extensive research in 10 international markets, including market level interviews with Walmart subject matter experts to better understand the solid waste and recovery systems of the markets in which it conducts business and seeks to advance its global zero waste objectives. The research, covering infrastructure, policy, and diversion models, was in-depth and the findings applicable to any company or organization seeking better understanding of the waste and recovery systems of international systems and the issues affecting them. RRS also developed zero waste strategy recommendations for each country that were sensitive to local recovery conditions and potential growth, identifying obstacles to recovery as well as potential partnerships and investments. Learn more/download the study: Walmart White Paper

Circulate Capital Fund: Impact Metrics Model Development
RRS worked with this global organization to address mismanaged plastics in Southeast Asia and India. RRS engaged in developing and refining a standardized impact metrics model (IMM) to enable measurement of the impact of investments and initiatives. RRS completed due diligence review and analysis (e.g. market assumptions, capital/operating plan, technology, management/organizational capacity, business model, financial forecast, etc.) with additional focus on consistency with the organization’s strategic goals (e.g. leveraging existing value chains, localizing, etc.), and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

Consumer Electronics Company: Multi-Country Packaging Recyclability Assessment
A multinational consumer electronics company was redesigning the packaging system for a multi-component product for global launch. RRS conducted a study to assess the potential of several product packages to be recovered in the U.S. and selected markets in Europe and Asia. This project comprised a statistically relevant survey of consumer access to local recycling programs, an assessment of the potential for effective sorting to its preferred commodity bale, and examined the performance of each of the study packages in relevant end markets. The findings were used to inform material selection and packaging design decisions by the product team.

International Consumer Products Company: Multi-Market Solid Waste & Recycling Landscape Assessment
RRS conducted a landscape analysis of the consumer waste and recycling systems (policies, infrastructure, performance, and trends) of nine countries and regions, including the United States; Canada; Western Europe; Japan; Mexico; Brazil; Central America; China; and Indonesia. Understanding the solid waste and recycling landscape in key markets allowed the company to evaluate packaging designs, consumer recycling instructions, and inform strategies to ensure appropriate management and recycling of their products and packaging.


Our Clients

“As the world’s first investment fund dedicated to the ocean plastic crisis in South and Southeast Asia, Circulate Capital provides our portfolio companies with the mentorship and technical assistance needed to grow and scale their businesses. RRS was one of the first groups we partnered with to help us understand the potential impact of our investment strategy. RRS’ understanding of materials, reclamation systems, and advanced recycling technologies enabled our team to deepen its subject matter expertise and invest in fit-for-market solutions.”  – Rob Kaplan, Founder & CEO, Circulate Capital


Our International Team

All RRSers, depending upon skill set and expertise, may work on any project whether international or domestic. Here are a few team members that are playing a leading role in our international outreach.

JD Lindeberg, RRS President

JD Lindeberg
RRS President

Anne Johnson, RRS Vice President

Anne Johnson
RRS Vice President

Catherine Goodall, RRS Sr Consultant

Catherine Goodall
RRS Sr Consultant

Brennan Madden, RRS Sr Consultant

Brennan Madden
RRS Sr Consultant

Shaun Spalding, RRS Senior Consultant

Shaun Spalding
RRS Senior Consultant

Antoine Monod
RRS Associate Sr. Consultant



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