Strengthening Sustainability in Healthcare

Whether you are new to sustainability or could use a push to the next level, RRS facilitates and empowers your healthcare system’s sustainability program to achieve future goals by applying the right level of support wherever you are in the process.


Zero-Waste Realization
Energy & Water Efficiencies
Health, Safety & Regulatory Compliance
Leadership & Positive Community Impact
Bottom Line Improvement



  • Identify existing drivers of sustainability.
  • Define current sustainability programs and targets.
  • Compare to healthcare industry benchmarks.



  • Balance core sustainability goals around compliance, cost, and the environment.
  • Develop program performance indicators.
  • Build the team.
  • Explore financing opportunities.



  • Develop sustainability program guidelines and best practices.
  • Integrate green procurement and contracting.
  • Educate and support implementation team.



  • Measure the benefits.
  • Engage in sustainability metrics programs.
  • Publicize progress and achievements.
  • Engage with community partners.

Wherever you are in your sustainability process, RRS can meet you there to assist in continuous improvement. Additional services are available to customize RRS’ support to meet the needs of your healthcare system’s sustainability program.

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