Polystyrene Foam Recycling

Reprinted with permission from Plastic Recycling Update (May 2016) and Resource Recycling magazine (June 2016).

Senior Consultant Catherine Goodall and Communications Consultant Marissa Segundo co-authored an article that focuses on real-world success of polystyrene foam recovery.

Foam polystyrene is arguably one of the most commonly used consumer packaging materials that is not commonly recycled. While this has made it a target of environmental and regulatory scrutiny, it is also motivating some companies and groups in the recycling sector to focus their attention on increasing opportunities for consumers to recycle this material. In short, stakeholders are discovering that providing opportunities to recycle foam can help programs reach diversion goals, and certain materials recovery facilities (MRFs) are finding that a focus on foam can help them meet growing resident and customer expectations.

Download full PDF article: Critical Mass – Polystyrene Foam Recycling

RRS - Critical Mass - Recovering Polystyrene Foam - PRU May 2016