RRS Supports Clients with Communication Outreach

June 6, 2014, Ann Arbor, Michigan – Sustainability and recycling consultancy, RRS, is utilizing in-house experts from its Communications Team to further the messaging of its client, Carton Council.

Carton Council is a group of carton manufacturing companies, including Elopak, Evergreen, SIG Combibloc, and Tetra Pak, that produce most of the world’s carton packaging.  The Carton Council of North America, advised by RRS, has embarked on a journey to dramatically and sustainably reduce its environmental impact and increase access to carton recycling throughout the United States.  For more than three years, RRS has been directly responsible for the management of a nationwide supply chain development campaign for the Carton Council of North America targeted at increasing household access to carton recycling across the United States. RRS’s engagement in the campaign is comprehensive – across all segments of the supply chain for end-of-life management of post-consumer cartons.

On June 4th, Kris Kaar, RRS Consultant and Communications Team member, discussed Smart Approaches to Growing Programs during the Indiana Recycling Coalition (IRC) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kaar highlighted the various aspects to adding new materials to a recycling program including identifying an end market, material recovery facility (MRF) readiness, and sources for collection of those materials – schools, hospitals, curbside, prisons, drop-off sites, other communities. Kaar also pointed to the importance of public outreach and communications tactics to inform and encourage participation.

“Each link in the recycling chain must be strong to achieve diversion and recovery of cartons,” stated Kaar. “Without consumers recycling, there is no material for the MRFs or mills; without the MRFs, there is no processing of recycled materials for end markets; and without mills, there is no end market to turn the recycled materials into new product.”

On June 9th, Marty Seaman, RRS Executive Vice President, will discuss What You Can Do to Strengthen Recycling Markets during the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) Annual Northeast Conference & Expo in Manchester, New Hampshire. Seaman will identify the key players, and underline the essential elements for strong end markets, enabling additional materials to be added to recycling programs and increasing opportunities for potential resources and revenue otherwise being lost to the landfill. Seaman will also outline key actions municipalities can take to promote strong markets.

“Developing strong markets is a team effort from key players at all levels,” stated Seaman. “By playing an active role, these players can recover resources, close the recycling loop, and realize revenues.”

Further information on IRC can be found at www.indianarecycling.org.

Further information on NRRA can be found at www.nrra.net.

Further information on Carton Council can be found at www.recyclecartons.com.

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