RRS Senior Consultant Elected IRA President

September 20, 2016, Ann Arbor, Mich. – Sustainability and recycling consultancy, Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), announced senior consultant Kris Kaar’s election to the post of president for the Illinois Recycling Association (IRA).

RRS Sr Consultant Kris KaarMs. Kaar joined RRS in 2011 where she works with community focus groups identifying recommendations for curbside collection options, and identifies material recovery facilities for study activities. She is also a key driver in the Carton Council initiative, working with municipalities, material recovery facilities and haulers to increase knowledge of and access to carton recycling.

Ms. Kaar brings 30 years of experience in research, planning, communication and program management in a variety of environmental, solid waste and recycling programs. Her career includes public and private sector consulting, municipal client support at an independent material recovery facility, and direct municipal experience with Naperville, Ill.

“I want to encourage IRA members to work for the overall benefit of statewide recycling activities while recognizing and respecting regional initiatives,” states Ms. Kaar. “Together we can increase awareness of the value of recycling and identify the technologies, initiatives, and markets needed to be a strong contributor of Illinois’ economy.”

The IRA is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1980 with members including municipalities, businesses, haulers, processors, not-for-profits, and manufacturers. The IRA provides education that encourages waste reduction, re-use and recycling, as well as promotes recycling market development.

More information on the IRA can be found at www.illinoisrecycles.org.




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