RRS Officially Launches RouteEagle

A new concept for the set-out rate study.

April 19, 2016, Ann Arbor, Mich. – Sustainability and recycling consultancy, Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), announced today the official launch of RouteEagle, a new form of the set-out rate study utilizing a mobile application and expert analysis.

Traditionally a set-out rate study, determining the number of households that set out trash/recycling/compost materials on collection day, utilizes one or two people in a vehicle following the collection truck writing hash marks on a paper or clicking a tally counter. Those tallies then need to be manually coded into a database and subsequently analyzed to make general observations.

RRS’ RouteEagle utilizes the combination of a mobile app to record information during the route, followed by technical analysts and industry consultants reviewing and analyzing the information to deliver actionable findings to decision makers.

The mobile app portion of RouteEagle, installed on a tablet, provides the ability to customize the app’s touch screen interface to meet the needs of each community’s set-out rate study.

Field staff will still follow the collection truck, but the level of information is enhanced by the longitudinal and latitudinal tracking ability of the mobile app. Analysts can verify time, location and route numbers of field staff, verify route coverage, compare house counts, and geotrack participation at a finer scale.

RouteEagle also improves accuracy by eliminating double-entries and manual coding since the information is uploaded to a database in real-time. Additionally, the information allows analysts to confirm statistically valid sampling for each neighborhood and community.

After the information is gathered using the mobile app, RRS’ analysts apply their field experience, industry best practices, and technical calculations and modeling to provide actionable findings to community decision makers.

Communities can utilize that information to create targeted outreach to increase participation or improve set-out behaviors. The analysis can also indicate a need for a change to routing or pick-up frequency. Additionally, recommendations could be made to update plans, policy, operational or incentivized approaches.

“We drew upon today’s technology combined with old fashioned know-how to provide better, actionable findings to communities,” stated Matt Todd, RRS senior consultant. “Ultimately, RouteEagle offers an effective combination that can assist community leaders in achieving their recovery or zero waste goals by understanding where the gaps are, and what actions can be taken to get them to their goal.”

Link to webpage with video: RouteEagle.



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