Multi-Family Recycling, National Recycling Outreach Initiatives, and the Evolution of MRFs

Three RRS Experts to Speak at CRA

March 26, 2014, Ann Arbor, Michigan – Sustainability and recycling consulting firm, RRS, proudly announces three of its experts will present at the Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) 2014 annual conference Zeroing in on Waste Reduction in Asheville, North Carolina, March 31 – April 3.

Cody Marshall, RRS Consultant and Team Lead, will discuss the increasing trend toward multi-family and multi-use properties and the impact on recycling collection. Marshall will draw upon his past experience managing a multi-family collection program, as well as his expertise with multi-family/-use programs, to present information on policy and mandates, best practices including collection bin styles and collection vehicles, and barriers such as property size and management buy-in. Also key to Marshall’s discussion will be the communication and outreach between municipality, hauler, property management, and resident. Marshall will present during the Multi-family Recycling session, Wednesday, April 2, 10:45-12:15p.

Barbara Heineken is an RRS Consultant and Carton Council Representative. The Carton Council is a group of carton manufacturing companies, including Elopak, Evergreen, SIG Combibloc, and Tetra Pak, that produce most of the world’s carton packaging.  The Carton Council of North America, advised by RRS, has embarked on a journey to dramatically and sustainably reduce its environmental impact and increase access to carton recycling throughout the United States. Heineken will provide an overview of Carton Council’s initiatives and impact on the Carolinas including current access levels, material recovery facility (MRF) developments and investments, and partnerships and grants. She will also highlight the effort within schools to increase carton recycling through grants, outreach, and education. Heineken will present during the National Recycling Outreach Initiatives session, Wednesday, April 2, 1:15-2:45p.

JD Lindeberg, RRS Principal and President, will present on the evolution of, and driving forces behind, the modern MRF. Lindeberg will highlight emerging trends including materials, market, processing and infrastructure. Recently returned from overseas, he will also provide perspectives on the impact of China’s Green Fence policy from both home and abroad viewpoints. Lindeberg will present during the MFR Examination and Review session, Thursday, April 3, 10:45-12:15p.

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