RRS Launches TruCycle℠ Recyclability Assessment Service

April 15, 2014, Ann Arbor, Michigan – Sustainability and recycling consulting firm, RRS, launched a new service, TruCycle℠, that allows brands, packaging converters, retailers and others to understand the true recyclability of a specific product package.

TruCycle℠ provides a detailed recyclability analysis of packaging by evaluating three key areas: probable end markets for the commodity packaging material; the ability to sort and bale the commodity material within the material recovery facility (MRF); and a statistical sampling of access to collection programs within communities. TruCycle℠ provides an in-depth report along with a high-level summary in a report card format that allows for easy comparison between packaging formats.

Leveraging RRS’s almost 30 years of recovery experience and its proprietary recovery database, TruCycle℠ provides the information companies need for existing or new design-for-recyclability and innovation processes. It also informs internal and external communications involving recyclability. TruCycle℠ can be customized or combined with a screening-level life cycle assessment.

“Recycling is one of the actions that ranks high with consumers as a step they can take to support the environment,” states Anne Johnson, RRS Principal and VP Global Corporate Sustainability. “TruCycle℠ goes beyond determining access to collection programs, and assesses true recyclability through to the end market. It supports the sustainability demands of the market by informing companies, their channel partners, as well as their customers and consumers about the true path for recycling packaging.”

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