Recycling Paper Cups

RRS consultants Marissa Segundo and Catherine Goodall write about recycling paper cups in their latest article Promising Pathways as seen in the March edition of Resource Recycling magazine.

Here’s a snippet:

Paper cups symbolize a number of elements of modern culture – our on-the-go mentality, our need for convenience, our love of caffeine – but they have not always evoked the notion of materials recovery. An estimated 643,000 tons of paper beverage cups are used annually in the U.S. and Canada, and far too many of them end up in landfills. However, efforts by some industry stakeholders could be shifting that narrative. A number of paper mills, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), manufacturers and others are leading the charge to increase the recycling of the paper vessels so many of us regularly have close at hand.


Download the PDF article here: Promising Pathways


Reprinted and shared with permission from Resource Recycling Inc.