Author Melissa Radiwon

Author Melissa Radiwon

Greetings from RRS! We’ve shortened our Resource Recycling Systems name to reflect our expanded outlook, which now goes well beyond our proud roots in recycling.

For years we have been known for our recycling, waste reduction and recovery work. Heck, recycling has been part of our name! We have success stories from various municipalities, associations, companies, organizations, government agencies and so forth. Our work in this sector is proven and strong, and will continue to grow on the cutting edge of recovery.

What you may not have noticed, is that we are more than recycling.

One sector that has been in our offering for some time is biomass energy and organics management. Our focus on highest and best use, transforms this organic matter into energy production, livestock feed, or soil replenishment. At times society can get so focused on traditional recycling that it forgets about seeing our organic waste as a viable resource. Sounds impactful, right? We think so, and that’s why we are shedding light on our message.

Rounding out our services is our team of well-established, energized, and innovative industry-leaders driving our global corporate sustainability sector. We see great potential in moving the needle in this sector, so we are simply standing on those corporate roof tops and shouting, sorry, emphatically communicating, our abilities in this area. Sustainability encompasses many avenues in the corporate world including evaluating the supply chain for value creation and environmental improvement, quantifiable environmental baselines, strategic assessments and environmental footprints.  Don’t forget about packaging design and life cycle management.

So as you see, we are expanding our message and embracing our whole self and full abilities. To reflect our new 2014 whole self, we’ve freshened up our look and feel a bit. Our logo has been streamlined and modernized, and it now has the shortened acronym “RRS”, reflecting our expanding services and innovations. Our website also received a makeover. Along with the new color scheme you’ll see that it is focused on how we serve you – our services front and center!

You will also notice an increased presence in the social media world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a blog – we have a lot to say! We want to share all of our exciting news, information, and projects with you, so we’re plugging into more outlets and stretching our message further. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social media spot and don’t be afraid to add your two cents to the comments!

With all of this change, our commitment is strengthened.  We see a world where resources are managed to maximize economic and social benefit while minimizing environmental impact. For nearly 30 years we have been managing change in a resource-constrained world. Let’s make an impact on 2014.

We hope you like our refresh. Be sure to stay plugged in!