What is Renew? It’s about making recycling work – always.

Recycling is facing challenging times with volatile material markets, increasing processing costs, and a changing material mix. Despite these challenges, many in the value chain – from product to packaging – are ready to engage with municipal leadership to advance recycling nationally by helping local communities capture the value in recycling.  With the right tools and assistance, municipalities can set up their communities for long term success. 


Renew provides the proactive mechanism to connect municipalities with available resources and voluntary industry efforts to build strong programs that contribute to a robust recycling infrastructure across the country. 


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Webinar: Building and Protecting Access to Recycling
This webinar features examples of voluntary industry-sponsored programs that have worked to improve access to recycling: food and beverage carton recycling (access, collection, MRF sorting, end markets, legislation), foodservice packaging recycling (community partner program resources), and glass recycling (real-world case from Denver, CO).
Speakers: Jason Pelz (Carton Council), Lynn Dyer (Foodservice Packaging Institute), John Lair (Momentum Recycling), Bill Dillaman (Miller Coors)
Original air date: 10/30/17
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Webinar: Partnering with Schools, Businesses, and Institutions
This webinar features reviews of programs that have partnered with schools and businesses to improve recycling: cartons in schools, rigid plastics in grocery stores, and glass bottles in restaurants. Learn how you can replicate their recycling successes!
Speakers: Derric Brown (Carton Council), Elizabeth Bedard (APR), Chris Fisher (Fisher Recycling), Bill Clark (Strategic Materials)
Original air date: 11/16/17
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Webinar: Industry Problem Solving
This webinar features new approaches to common challenges: recovering plastic film through return to retail, transforming cartons into green building products, and utilizing commercial material exchanges.
Speakers: Jan Rayman (ReWall), Shari Jackson (ACC WRAP Program), Andrew Mangan (US Business Council for Sustainable Development), John Bradburn (General Motors)
Original air date: 12/5/17
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Webinar: Partnerships for Leading Practice
This webinar presents several real world examples of how existing industry partnerships have helped municipalities improve recycling through implementation of best practices: managing contamination and utilizing curbside carts, best practices for recycling at work/play, and leading practices and resources for supportive local policy (including a look at a policy tool kit).
Speakers: Jason Hale (The Recycling Partnership), Giulia Manno (Keep America Beautiful), Resa Dimino (RRS)
Original air date: 2/6/18
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Webinar: Partnerships in the Community for Recycling
Representatives from Kent County MI and Louisville KY highlight their experiences in partnering with industry-sponsored groups to improve recycling in their communities.
Speakers: Kristen Wieland (Kent County, MI), Karen Maynard (Louisville, KY), Jim Frey (RRS)
Original air date: 7/19/18
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