JD Lindeberg at USCC Compost 2015

Recently, RRS’ own JD Lindeberg and Steve Montle spoke at the USCC Compost 2015. Below are links to the individual slide decks.

JD took on two topics:

RRS – USCC 2015 Mixed Waste Processing – Implication for Organics – JDL

During this presentation, JD discussed the “dirty MRF” and how that style of processing affects the recovery of organics.

RRS – USCC 2015 – Food Waste Recovery on the Cutting Edge – New Funding Approaches – JDL

In this presentation, JD discussed various funding approaches – public, private, avoided costs, material sales – to advance food waste recovery.

Steve spoke on:

RRS – USCC 2015 – Flint Mi Case Study – Steve Montle

For this presentation, Steve covered how the privatization of organics recovery can lead to both brownfield redevelopment and less expensive organics recovery via a look at the Chevy-in-the-Hole project in Flint, Michigan.