Abbey Patterson, RRS Sr Associate Consultant


Abbey Patterson is an associate senior consultant at RRS with over 25 years of experience in waste management, recycling program development, government affairs, and marketing. Abbey also has extensive experience in institutional, airport, and event recycling including the 1996, 2000, and 2002 Olympic games. Her reach has extended to both public and private entities to increase material recovery through planning, public/private partnerships, implementation, and education.

Recent Team Projects

  • South Bay Solid Waste Management Authority: RRS investigated the conditions that led to batteries entering the MRF and created a campaign directed toward residents that would educate them on the dangers of placing batteries in curbside recycling.
  • Recycling & Environmental Services Company: Supported the company in preparing a proposal that included new services, collection, and processing technologies to benefit both the public and internal operations.
  • Glass Recycling Coalition: RRS led the formation and is the current managing consultancy providing research, planning, day-to-day management and communications for the self-funded supply chain collaborative that promotes best practices for strengthening glass recycling.


  • Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHARM)
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition
  • Atlanta Recycles
  • National Waste & Recycling Association

Topical Expertise

  • Event & Institutional Recycling Programs
  • Recycling Education & Outreach
  • Municipal Contracting
  • Infrastructure Development

Recent Speaking Engagements/Publications

  • Green Communities (Dec 2019): Recycling and Beyond: Addressing Current Challenges & Finding New Solutions
  • Georgia & Alabama SWANA Spring Conference (Apr 2019): A Walk Around Georgia Recycling
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition Annual Conference (Sep 2018): Making the Case For Recycling – ISWM Tool
  • National Waste & Recycling Association Southeast Annual Conference (Sep 2018): MRF Challenges & Costs
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition Semi-Annual Training Meeting (May 2018): ISWM for Georgia
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition Annual Conference (Sept 2017): Recycling in Georgia, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • WasteExpo (May 2017): Moderator – Paper, Plastic, and Glass, Oh My


  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Emory University


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