Jim Frey co-founded RRS in 1986 and has served as the CEO since its inception. He offers over 35 years of expertise in recycling and waste management program development for public services and private enterprises. Jim began his career growing recycling programs from non-profit start-ups to full-scale municipal collection services and material recovery facility operations. Jim has developed and managed projects of all sizes, including material recovery and solid waste management systems, recycling based manufacturing, market development, corporate sustainability, policy and legislation, as well as public/private collaborative recovery initiatives.

Recent Team Projects

  • Carton Council: RRS has supported this collaborative association on their way to their goal of 60% U.S. carton recycling access through data research and analysis, communications and outreach, and policy/legislative monitoring and support.
  • PlaNYC 80×50 Action Plan: As part of the New York City’s (NYC’s) PlaNYC 80×50 Action Plan, RRS identified best practices for greenhouse gas reduction including recycling/organics diversion, resource recovery and wastewater treatment.
  • Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC): With sponsorship from the Glass Packaging Institute, RRS facilitated the development of the GRC including outlining the memorandum of understanding, recruiting membership, developing communication materials, and representing the coalition to further the recycling of glass in the U.S.

Topical Expertise

  • Solid Waste/Recycling Planning
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Green Supply Chain
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Public/Private Partnership
  • Public Policy Development
  • Zero Waste

Recent Speaking Engagements/Publications

  • Michigan Recycling Coalition Conference (May 2019): It’s Time to Take Back Control of Your Recycling Program
  • Plastics Recycling World Expo (May 2019): The Future of Plastic Packaging Recycling: What Further Hurdles Still Need to be Overcome?
  • Great Lakes Economic Forum (May 2019): Valuing Consumer and Industrial Materials: Transitioning to a Great Lakes Circular Economy
  • Global Dialogue on Waste (Sep 2018): New Systems for North America
  • WasteExpo Conference (June 2016): Building a New MRF
  • Michigan Recycling Coalition Conference (May 2016): Perspective – Governor’s Recycling Council
  • SustPack (April 2016): The State of Consumer Access to Recycling Programs
  • Michigan Recycling Coalition Conference (May 2015): Perspective – Governor’s Recycling Council
  • Municipal Waste Management Association (Oct 2014): Unique Approaches to Marketing, Incentives and Infrastructure to Increase Municipal Recycling Rates
  • The Conference Board Sustainability Summit (May 2014): Sustainable Materials Management and Collaborative Stewardship Strategies


  • Master of Business Administration, University of Michigan
  • Graduate Course Work in Environmental Quality, University of Michigan
  • Bachelor of Philosophy with Concentration in Environmental Psychology, Grand Valley State University


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