Kate is an associate senior consultant who is a project management and communications professional with over 20 years’ experience in strategic planning and multi-faceted projects for brand clients, and trade and marketing associations. Kate’s knowledge spans all segments of food and beverage packaging value chain, with particular expertise in PET package recycling, recovery, and domestic end markets.

Recent Team Projects

  • Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance: RRS developed a conceptual system design, cost modeling, and field testing and measurement to support the CSSA’s Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) Project, defining the methodology used to measure each material’s impact on the cost of the recycling system activities based on its characteristics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Companies: RRS conducted packaging assessments and design evaluations to identify how packaging can be designed for improved performance in the recycling system and provided quantitative life cycle data to further inform design feedback.
  • Global Food & Beverage CompaPny: RRS conducted research to explore domestic pricing, supply, and demand drivers for PET and rPET in order to reduce market volatility, understand the potential ramifications of anticipated rPET content in California, and ideally, help stabilize PET market dynamics to foster better long-term planning and forecasting.
  • Chemical Manufacturing Company: RRS provided research to develop and present a high-level understanding of the Chinese National Sword Policy, its impact on the US recycling system, and what trends may emerge moving forward.


  • ASTM
  • The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers


Topical Expertise

  • Recycled Plastics/PET Supply Chain
  • PET Reclamation Industry
  • Recycled PET Markets Analysis
  • California Recycling Policy


SPE Thermoforming Quarterly (Dec 2013): PET Thermoform Recycling, One Year Later


  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Weleyan University


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