Kimberly joined RRS in 2021 as a communications specialist and focuses on supporting clients with communications planning, digital marketing, and media engagement. Prior to RRS, Kimberly worked with the city of Houston, TX, developing strategic community involvement plans, coordinating community outreach events, and managing collateral development. She also has communications experience in the pharmaceutical, retail, and private sectors.

Recent Team Projects

  • Carton Council
    Schools and Institutions; Project Team
    Developed newsletters for both schools and institutions focusing on back-to-school announcements and reminders. 
  • King County, Washington
    Circular Economy Innovation Platform; Project Team
    Created registration web page for communications and recruitment for interested members of the platform. Developed and implemented communications in the form of e-blasts, website updates, newsletters, and webinars.
  • Michigan Department of Energy, Great Lakes and Environment
    Partnership and Innovation Project; Project Team
    Supports state-wide, multi-year contract to create a platform to establish partnerships to grow recycling in Michigan and develop a challenge competition to overcome barriers associated with the use of recycled materials. Work will attract investment in Michigan recycling and grow local programs and businesses by building partnerships, collecting and interpreting data, innovating through economic development, relationship management, materials marketing, and best management practices dissemination. 
  • Glass Recycling Coalition
    Glass Recycling Foundation; Project Team
    Provides website content support and maintenance for the non-profit organization formed to provide and raise funds for localized and targeted assistance addressing gaps in the US glass recycling supply chain.

Topical Expertise

  • Communications planning
  • Digital marketing/media engagement
  • Community outreach events


  • University of Houston Downtown, Houston, TX
    Bachelor of Art, Corporate Communications


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