Michael Timpane, RRS Vice President


Michael Timpane is a principal and vice president of process optimization and material recovery for RRS. With over 40 years in executive field operations and development roles with the largest public recycling companies in the U.S., Michael has gained a reputation for thought leadership, management, and technical execution in recycling processing, landfill diversion planning and technology, recycling systems pricing, facility development, material streams, recycling/organics system economics , recoverable commodities, and process improvement.

Recent Team Projects

  • Glass Recycling Coalition: RRS led the formation and is the current managing consultancy providing research, planning, day-to-day management and communications for the self-funded supply chain collaborative that promotes best practices for strengthening glass recycling.
  • U.S. Haulers & MRFs: RRS provides on-going consultation with major U.S. MRF and solid waste providers including matching material partners and MRF processors.


  • Paper Stock Industries Chapter of ISRI
  • National Waste and Recycling Association Recycling Committee
  • ISRI MRF Council
  • Hinkley Center Research Selection Committee

Topical Expertise

  • Recycling Infrastructure Development and Evaluation
  • Single-/Dual-Stream/Mixed Waste Processing
  • RFPs, Negotiations, Contracts
  • Material Collection and Processing Costs
  • Derived Commodity Value
  • Operations and LEAN Manufacturing

Recent Speaking Engagements/Publications

  • Western Michigan University Fiber Recycling Course (Jul 2019): MRF – History, Design & Challenges
  • WasteExpo (May 2019): Bidding Wars: Responding to Formal Municipal Bids
  • Northeast Recycling Coalition Webinar (Apr 2019): Best Practices for Solid Waste & Recycling Contracts
  • Washington Recycling Stakeholders Meeting (Apr 2019): Recycling: Facing the Issues at Hand, the Forces that Be, and Taking a Regenerative Approach
  • Northeast Recycling Coalition Fall Conference (Oct 2018): How MRFs Can Succeed Given the Challenging Economics They are Facing Today and in the Future
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition Annual Conference (Sep 2018): Lithium Ion Issues
  • SWANA Wastecon/ISRI MRF Summit (Aug 2018): Facing the Music: Are We All Listening to Different Tunes? Operational Solutions
  • Western Michigan University (Aug 2018): Fiber Recycling Course
  • California Resource Recovery Association Annual Conference (Jul 2018): Resiliency for Recyclers – Respond to New Threats in 2018
  • WasteExpo (Apr 2018):  Fire Safety: The Threat is Real
  • Municipal Waste Management Association (Oct 2017):  Partnerships to Make Glass Recycling Work
  • Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference (Oct 2017): Contracting Control
  • Georgia Recycling Coalition Annual Conference (Sep 2017): Collection Strategies
  • National Waste & Recycling Association Webinar (May 2017): The Ins and Outs of Inbound Specifications for MRFs
  • WasteExpo (May 2017): The Ins and Outs of Inbound Specifications for Material Recovery Facilities
  • Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) Recycling Summit (Nov 2016): The Road to Success: Collaborative Efforts to Keep Glass in Recycling Systems (moderator)
  • Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference (Oct 2016): Maximizing Safety and Productivity (moderator)
  • Waste360 Recycling Summit (Sep 2016): Plastic Market Updates and Packaging Evolution
  • Recycling Today (Aug 2016): The Need for Innovation
  • Resource Recycling Inc. (Jul 2016): Paying the Fare to Ride the Single-Stream
  • WasteExpo (Jun 2016): Managing the Risk of Recycling Markets
  • ISRI Annual Convention (Apr 2016): Materials Recovery for the Future – Flexible Packaging and MRF Recovery
  • Flexible Packaging Association Summit (Jan 2016): Materials Recovery for the Future – Flexible Packaging Research Program
  • Resource Recycling Inc. (Nov 2015): Negotiating the Single Stream
  • National Waste & Recycling Association Meeting (Oct 2015): Costs of Recycling and Diversion
  • Resource Recycling Inc. (Oct 2015): Ship Shape
  • Resource Recycling Conference (Sep 2015): Where MRFs and Markets Meet
  • Resource Recycling Inc. (May 2015): Master and Commander of the MRF
  • Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) Conference (Apr 2015): Economics of Mixed Waste Processing and Division


  • Bachelor of Arts, Geography/Ecosystems, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)


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