Morgan Johnson is an analyst at RRS with a background focused on data analytics and laboratory science. Her previous roles bring a level of expertise in database management and development, data collection, analysis, and visualizations, as well as research and governance. She has experience working on projects centered on large scale waste remediation, water reclamation, and environmental permitting/compliance and was responsible for developing sustainability programs in her area. At RRS, her main project focuses are the Carton Council of North America and the Michigan Mega Data project.

Recent Team Projects

  • Carton Council of North America: RRS has supported this collaborative association on their way to their goal of 60% U.S. carton recycling access through data research and analysis, communications and outreach, and policy/legislative monitoring and support.
  • Michigan Mega Data (State of Michigan Materials Management Infrastructure and Program): RRS has worked to develop a database to store all the municipal solid waste data for the state of Michigan. Morgan’s contributions focus on data collection, quality control, analysis, and community outreach.

Topical Expertise

  • Data research and analysis
  • Research and governance
  • Environmental compliance


  • Bachelor of Science, Majors in Environmental Biology and History – St. Norbert College