Nancy Mokszycki brings several years of event planning experience to her Event Coordinator role at RRS. Her skill set is not only invaluable to RRS, but also to our clientele who utilize RRS’ communication capabilities to drive their message through events. Nancy has a successful record of planning agendas, coordinating with venues, scheduling shipping and travel, maintaining budgets, and creating unique experiences.

Recent Team Projects

  • Carton Council: RRS has supported this collaborative association on their way to their goal of 60% U.S. carton recycling access through data research and analysis, communications and outreach, and policy/legislative monitoring and support.
  • Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF): MRFF is a research collaborative committed to enhancing the recovery of flexible plastic packaging. RRS supports that mission through material recovery facility (MRF) material flow studies, technical research, as well as communications and outreach.

Topical Experience

  • Event Coordination
  • Event Contract Negotiation
  • Travel and Shipping Logistics
  • Collateral Production Facilitation


  • Bachelor of Social Work, Eastern Michigan University


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