Top Best Practices for Engaging Your Students and Facilities Staff

The success of any program is directly related to how you communicate your message. The following are some best practices to consider to help engage not only students but your facilities staff to help increase the success of your program.6 tips graphic

  1. Consistent Core: Create a consistent look and message that is clear and concise to reach students and staff. Brand your program with similar colors, taglines and logos to make your outreach efforts easily recognizable and relatable.
  2. Keep it Simple: It’s not rocket science, just remember your basics: who, what, where, when, why and how. Don’t overload your audience with too many details or options. Place signage/information near collection containers or in locations where recyclables/compostables are consumed. People want to get involved, but if it gets too complicated, they will ditch your program faster than a three-hour lecture.
  3. Focus on the Audience: What does it mean to them? Why should they care? Your message needs to strike an emotional chord and inspire. Once you have their attention, put together a “green” team involving all levels of the university – from administrators/faculty to students to facility staff – get their help to champion your program.
  4. Fewer Words, More Images: The students and professors have enough material to read in their class curriculum, so don’t add to the load! Use bullet points supported by pictures or graphics to reinforce the idea or action. Designate a separate source or webpage for more detailed explanations.
  5. Never One and Done: When teaching, multiple examples are utilized to reinforce a concept. The same idea applies here – you are teaching a group of people a new concept or habit, so you need to reinforce it multiple times before it becomes engrained and becomes a part of their lifestyle. Don’t forget to utilize already established campus events – like move-in week, Greek week, or homecoming – to reinforce your program.
  6. Be Interesting: This can be difficult to accomplish, but don’t stress – leave that for dealing with move-out! Sometimes “interesting” can simply mean updating materials with fresh content. The idea is not to get stale – get that Green Team involved and brainstorm some fun campus activities, a competition, or new messaging. Even the school mascot can get involved!


Kelly DominoKelly Domino
RRS Consultant