RRS Assists Walmart with International Waste & Recovery Study

As part of Walmart’s Project Gigaton initiative, RRS assisted with the research and analysis in developing the Pursing Zero Waste in a Diverse Landscape report to advance the conversation about the international waste and recovery landscape.

Download the PDF report here: Pursuing Zero Waste in a Diverse Landscape

From the report:

Global companies recognize that the economic opportunity of the future is found in emerging economies that often have large populations moving into the middle class and a newfound ability to acquire goods and services. Unfortunately, along with this economic growth comes more waste generation.

What is less widely recognized is the disparity in waste and recovery infrastructures of countries around the globe and the cultural waste habits of consumers. These disparities have led to profound environmental concerns like marine debris, terrestrial litter, and severe greenhouse gas and toxic emissions from poorly managed landfills and dumps.

This white paper summarizes research commissioned by Walmart in 2016 to characterize eleven markets where the company has an operational presence.  The paper presents these markets through a conceptual framework that explains how waste and recovery systems evolve from underdeveloped, under-regulated systems to highly developed and regulated waste management systems. 

For more information on Walmart’s Project Gigaton, click HERE.