RRS Is Your Materials Management Partner

At RRS, we are ready to walk alongside you step-by-step to complete your Materials Management Plan. Your county has unique needs, and we can help you meet them by being efficient and strategic in how you activate the funding your county will receive. We can support you in moving efficiently from planning to implementation.


NextCycle Michigan Government Track Open!

Get extra support for your MMP activities. Cultivate partnerships, enhance community recycling, and advance regional circular economies with NextCycle Michigan. The unique accelerator program supports communities and businesses in advancing projects that impact our materials management in the state. Tracks for Recycling Supply Chains and Intergovernmental Initiatives and Public Private Partnerships are open through March. Learn more about the program on the NextCycle Michigan website. Need help with your application or want to discuss your project? Schedule office hours with RRSers supporting the EGLE program.


Are You Ready for Materials Management Planning?

Materials Management Plans guide your county and ensure that programs, services, policies, and facilities are being planned for and coordinated among the various stakeholders, including waste haulers, municipalities, nonprofits, educational institutions, and others.

As Michigan strides towards achieving a 45% recycling rate by 2030, the recent revisions to Part 115 of Act 451 demand proactive Materials Management Plans (MMP). RRS is ready to support your community in navigating this new requirement. We understand the significance of these changes and are committed to assisting you in the development of a comprehensive and effective Materials Management Plan, moving swiftly through the plan requirements so you can use most of the state-issued funds for implementation, not planning.

Good planning leads to good programs. RRS has supported both the planning and implementation of some of the highest-performing programs in the state. Since 1986, RRS has worked alongside Michigan counties, municipalities, authorities, and the State itself on materials management initiatives. RRS knows the stakeholders, the landscape, the best practices, and how to establish sustainably funded and effective materials management programs.

Michigan is Our Home

RRS is invested in seeing every county in Michigan succeed because we live here, too. We are a Michigan-based company experienced in every level of material management needs, from coordinating planning committees to writing customized plans. Our senior staff has over 200 years of collective experience designing and implementing urban and rural recycling and composting programs across Michigan and the country. Many of our consultants come from the public sector and have a critical understanding of the unique needs of government agencies. We can tailor your materials management planning to meet your county’s needs.

Materials Management Services

 Pre-Planning Phase: 

  • Multi-County Planning Evaluation: RRS provides insights into the benefits and complexities of regional planning, helping you make informed decisions. 
  • Interlocal Agreement Development: We lead or support the creation of interlocal agreements, aligning expectations for seamless collaboration. 
  • Planning Committee Appointments: RRS assists in strategic appointments, ensuring a highly functional committee for a successful Materials Management Plan. 
  • Goal Setting and Work Program: We assist with completing your work program and setting goals in order to secure state funding

Planning Phase: 

  • Administrative Support and Facilitation: RRS leads or supports the Designated Planning Agency, managing timelines, facilitating meetings, and ensuring efficient planning. 
  • Data Collection & Visualization: We gather and organize essential data, creating visuals to support discussions and presentations. 
  • Gap Analysis and System Needs Assessment: RRS assesses current conditions and projects future needs for effective MMP development. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Our team ensures necessary buy-in through targeted engagement strategies.  

State Funding Available for Planning

Each county in Michigan is eligible to receive $60,000 plus an additional 50 cents per person per year for the next three years to develop and implement a Materials Management Plan. This funding will be distributed after counties formally respond to EGLE that they will complete the Materials Management Planning process through a letter of intent to plan. Materials Management Plans will help your county ensure that programs, services, policies, and facilities are being planned for and coordinated among the various stakeholders, including waste haulers, municipalities, nonprofits, educational institutions, and others. If you and other counties plan together, each of the counties will receive an additional $10,000 per year.

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