Jim Frey and a small group of recycling specialists founded Resource Recycling Systems in 1986.

Our founding fathers were already recycling pioneers, having demoed the first curbside recycling program in Michigan. United under the RRS banner, they pushed the boundaries of curbside recycling through progressive solid waste plans, advanced processing systems, and single stream recycling.

Our Journey

As the company matured, RRS expanded its reach and expertise into organics management, recognizing the huge diversion and impact potential. Food waste and other compostables, biomass feedstocks and industrial outputs became an additional focus, and we quickly became leading thinkers and doers in the emerging movement.

Building on our existing knowledge base and areas of expertise, we next looked across the supply chain for opportunities to make the greatest impact. We have successfully guided corporations on innovative routes in sustainable materials management.

Through this journey, we have never lost sight of our roots. Our team remains passionate about a sustainable future, dedicated to the vision of RRS, and committed to delivering the results our clients crave.

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