Zero waste

Carbon emissions reduction

To achieve these goals, companies are innovating circular pathways that reuse and reduce use of raw materials for new products. The benefits of this approach to growth are less waste to landfill and a reduction in climate impact. The innovation process involves engaging supplier networks plus collaboration between brands and packaging manufacturers, recyclers and technology providers to be successful.

RRS leverages its deep experience in recycling supply chain development, plus our extensive research into both traditionally recycled and unrecycled materials, to support launch of sustainable new ventures.

Circularity and Zero Waste to Landfill

Services include

Strategic Assessment

Multiple stakeholders must be engaged to efficiently collect, sort, and reprocess post-consumer materials into feedstock for end markets. While key suppliers have context to act, pre-competitive strategies are also an important tool when standardized approaches are needed. RRS provides insight into stakeholder interests, the policy landscape, recycler capabilities, and end markets to launch new operations and partnerships.

Sourcing and Production Planning

RRS can conduct detailed post-consumer residential, commercial, post-industrial and drop-off supply analysis to source feedstock in a carbon-efficient manner. We leverage our proprietary MRF data base and well-established networks to consolidate tonnage and composition data along with other vital information from generators and recyclers.

Feedstock Procurement and Feasibility Studies

RRS provides technical and economic feasibility analysis to inform new ventures. We are constantly evaluating the capabilities of advanced technologies to sort and reprocess feedstock supplies. We contribute practical expertise to support design and construction of new systems. Feasibility study results are evaluated against market supply to successfully commercialize recycling technologies from one region of the world to another.

Management Team Partnership Facilitation

RRS identifies prospective partners with shared interests for new ventures, providing robust business case analysis for developing recycling programs. Our ability to support relationship-building with MRFs, large generators and end markets results in resilient, long-term relationships for recycling more material.

Supply Agreements

RRS helps develop agreements and provides commodity pricing analysis to economically justify investment in processing. This helps establish stable supplies of feedstock and long-term supplier relationships for recycling a commodity.

Public-Private Partnerships

We support pre-competitive collaborative partnerships, leveraging private investment with those of regional authorities to achieve shared circular economy and climate mitigation objectives. These services include stakeholder engagement and education on best practices.