RRS Specialty Services

RRS typically offers customized research, planning, and implementation based on the clients needs. Through our years of experience, we have refined several offerings that provide a custom project within a standardized structure.






NextCycle is a collaborative initiative that identifies, recruits, vets, and accelerates projects that focus on waste prevention, material reuse, recycling/composting collection and processing, and developing material end markets. This is done through an Innovation Challenge Accelerator program for new and expanding businesses, organizations, and local governments. Learn more.


Virtual learning sessions allow our experts to virtually meet with your team to provide the latest info on recycling, composting, and sustainability related subjects. Think of these sessions as the next generation of the lunch-and-learn. Learn more.


Renew promotes a positive outlook on recycling and builds interest in the many industry-led collaborative programs that capture the economic benefits of recycling for communities. Renew leverages RRS’ established network of local officials to offer a suite of customized services that support industry efforts to be part of the recycling solution. Learn more.


TruCycle is a step-wise evaluation of the recyclability or compostability of product packaging. RRS looks at three areas for our assessment: collection, sortability, and end markets. Learn more.




TruCycle MRF is a multi-stage, material recovery facility (MRF) certification reflecting the level of community relationship, material sortation, commodity value, and end market success. Learn more.

RouteEagle is a set-out rate study that combines a mobile app and expert analysis featuring increased efficiency, accuracy, mapping, and customization. Learn more.


Sustainability Scorecard identifies risks in four key categories – management, metrics, external influences, and materiality – to inform business strategy and product/service development. Learn more.


Sustainability Wellness Check facilitates & empowers your healthcare system’s sustainability program by applying the right level of support, wherever you are in the process. Learn more.