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Beyond assessment, the Sustainability Scorecard® provides an action plan to embed sustainability into the organization – generating financial benefits through waste cost savings, and product and process improvements.


Risk management is central to a sustainable business strategy. The Sustainability Scorecard® identifies key risks that are material to the CEO’s business strategy, and highlights opportunities to create more value from products and services.

This tool was designed for corporate level private sector companies – manufacturers, consumer packaged goods, hospitality and commercial service providers – that need to go beyond a simple checklist to improve their sustainability profile. The Scorecard results are compatible with major voluntary standards and help companies meet and exceed business requirements, realize cost savings, and protect/enhance brand reputation.


Key Focus Categories

Version 3 has evolved to address emerging risks through four key categories: management, metrics, external influences, and materiality. Given that many aspects relating to sustainability are industry-specific, this tool is flexible – focusing on the appropriate impact areas for each client – and adaptable to generate baseline data for reporting, measure ongoing improvement, or provide specific tactics for achieving growth.

First introduced over 15 years ago, the Sustainability Scorecard® has been relied upon by global, reputation-conscious brands to benchmark and guide corporate strategy development. Review our project summaries for Caterpillar and Interface. As a bonus, our Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Report provides a look at the foundation and application of the original Sustainability Scorecard.

The Sustainability Scorecard® has continued to grow to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. The constant? It creates focus on the most important issues for your business, managing risk while delivering both quick wins in cost savings and long-term value.


Identify Risks. Build Resilience.

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