RRS, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, City of Orlando, and Orlando Chamber of Commerce Partnership

Oct 26, 2017, Ann Arbor, Mich. – Sustainability and recycling consultancy Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. (RRS) announced its participation in the Beyond 34 public-private partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the city of Orlando, Fla., and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

The Beyond 34 initiative aims to increase the current 34% recycling rate in the US by providing a scalable model for improving recycling and recovery. Orlando was selected as the pilot city for Beyond 34 due to its strong private sector engagement, current recycling and sustainability activities and goals, as well as its innovative culture.

“The Beyond 34 Orlando pilot to create a scalable local circular economy puts a spotlight on the reality that environmental benefits translate into economic benefits,” stated Susan Graff, RRS vice president and Beyond 34 project consultant. “Recycling equals U.S. manufacturing jobs; recycling is the new manufacturing.”

RRS will facilitate the development of a recycling business plan to keep high-value recyclable materials out of landfills and identify greater economic reuse opportunities for materials generated from commercial, industrial, and residential sources.

Beyond 34 is support by the Dow Chemical Company, Republic Services, Target, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and the Walmart Foundation. More information on Beyond 34 can be found at https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/beyond-34-recycling-and-recovery-new-economy.

Susan Graff and Jim Thomas, executive director of the Orlando Regional Chamber, will provide an overview of the collaborative initiative and the potential model for recycling as the new manufacturing during the USCCF Corporate Citizen Conference on Nov. 15th at 3:00pm. More information on the conference can be found at https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/event/2017-corporate-citizenship-conference.



About RRS

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, RRS is a sustainability and recycling consulting firm that strives to create a world where resources are managed to maximize economic and social benefit while minimizing environmental harm. The firm has cutting-edge industry professionals, engineers, economists, technical analysts, and communication specialists who share this vision and possess core strengths in materials and recovery, life cycle management, applied sustainable design, and collaborative action development. RRS serves both the public and private sectors to manage change in a resource-constrained world. www.recycle.com


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