Reprinted with permission from Resource Recycling magazine, April 2016 issue.

Seamless Transitions

Juri Freeman

Author: Juri Freeman RRS Consultant

We all know it’s not easy to implement large-scale change in any area of business or life – just think back to your last few New Year’s resolutions for evidence. When the desired shift involves public programs or policy, the obstacles may seem even more insurmountable.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop striving for improvements and revamps in recycling programs across the country. With thoughtful and well-designed strategies in place, municipalities can build support for action among residents and local stakeholders.

This article explores two instances of transition in recycling in the City and County of Denver to illustrate several replicable strategies that can ease the pain of implementing large-scale changes in materials management programs.

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RRS Denver Recycling Program Transition Cover Photo