ReFED: Food Waste Reduction Report Featured in Investment Journal

Reprinted with permission from the Cornerstone Capital Group: The Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking, May 2016 issue.

RRS President, JD Lindeberg, highlighted several solutions and investments from the recently published Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste report in regards to food waste reduction and the ability of our food systems to feed the world.

The Roadmap’s economic model evaluates and ranks 27 solutions for two essential qualities: diversion potential and potential to create “economic value,” defined as the aggregate financial benefit to society (consumers, businesses, governments, and other stakeholders) minus all investment and costs. Solutions generally fall into one of three categories: prevention, recovery for human consumption, or recycling.

Download a PDF of the full article with bonus articles from the May issue of The Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking: Cornerstone JFSB May 2016

Cornerstone Journal May 2016 ReFED Food Waste Article