Whether you’re focused on achieving zero waste, closing the loop or improving your bottom line, organics is the new frontier in diversion – offering huge benefits to public and private sector operations. Our organics management activities have evolved with the marketplace, from design and training for municipal yard waste composting facilities to the current focus on food waste recovery. We will continue to lead the field in developing recovery solutions for generators and processors alike.

When it comes to organics, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team of engineers designs and expands organics recovery programs and infrastructures, while our skilled advisors create and defend policies to guarantee the diversion of these materials. The judgment of RRS is even valued in courts of law, where we are called on to provide expert testimony services on organics-related issues.

Whether it’s food residual, yard waste, industrial organics, anaerobic digestion, or woody biomass projects, RRS will maximize your diversion and help you create quality organic material for back-end markets.