Haulers & MRFs

As essential components of recovery infrastructure, haulers and materials recovery facilities (MRFs) must balance relationships from consumer to end market while operating efficiently and maximizing commodity value. RRS assists haulers and MRFs in optimizing their operations through route analysis equipment assessment, contract assistance, and new material additions.

RRS Services:

Route Analysis Maintenance Assessment & Best Practices
Set-out Rate Analysis (RouteEagle) Processing Optimization (Dual/Single/Mixed)
RFP Response Preparation Contract Development & Negotiation
Equipment Assessment & Procurement Recycling Gap Analysis
System Layout Development & Implementation End Market Evaluation
New Material Assessment Outreach & Education

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Project Examples:

Coalition to Advance Recovery in Tennessee (CART): Assisted with the coalition development and conducted a recycling gap analysis to identify opportunities for public and private leaders to increase recycling.

Eureka Recycling: Evaluation of feasibility to expand plastic processing options including material composition, market value, process options, equipment sequences, sorting efficiencies and cost estimates.

Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority: Plan and implementation of single-stream recycling at existing MRF including flow projections, performance specifications, costs, bid and vendor assistance, and construction oversight.

Emmet county Dept. of Public Works: Inspection of MRF and transfer station equipment, assessment of thermal equipment and equipment operations, and review of MRF’s energy usage.

Minneapolis, MN: Analyzed multi-sort to single-stream collection system conversion including recovery rate, processing ability, and operational and capital costs.