Product Stewardship

Whether voluntary or regulated, manufacturers, brands, and retailers are taking on more responsibility in end-of-life management of materials they produce. RRS supports trade associations, pre-competitive collaborations, NGOs, EPR programs, and government entities in stewarding materials through group formation and facilitation, research and analysis, pilot testing, and planning and implementation of programs.

RRS Services:

MOU, Group Facilitation & Management Policy Evaluation, Economic Modeling, Compliance
Recyclability/Compostability of Materials End Market Assessment
Recycling Gap Analysis Communications & Collateral Development
Data Research, Metrics, Reporting Meeting Facilitation & Training
Pilot Program Development & Management

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Project Examples:

Carton Council of North America: Provided data research and analysis, communications and outreach, and policy/legislative monitoring to increase carton recycling access throughout North America.

Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA): Conducted field work, conceptual design, and modeling to inform CSSA’s efforts to produce a metric that represents the impacts of material characteristics on the cost of recycling system activities.

Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF): Conducted technical and material recovery facility (MRF) material flow research, communications, and pilot testing to identify single-stream flexible plastic packaging recovery process.

Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI): Conducted research and analysis, and developed communications and outreach to advance recovery of single-use foodservice packaging materials including cups, plates, trays, bags, containers, and utensils.

Glass Recycling Coalition: Led the formation and provided research, planning, management, and communications to promote best practices for strengthening glass recycling.

Fibre Box Association (FBA): Researched and identified current challenges and opportunities to increase the recovery of corrugated packaging including the status of recovery of OCC from residential households.