Municipality Recycling & Organics

As the critical point of collection, cities, counties and districts must manage programs that benefit their residents while being economically sound. RRS assists municipalities in building strong recycling and organics programs by understanding waste streams, analyzing participation, developing best practices, and creating economically viable plans.

RRS Services:

Solid Waste & Recycling Planning RFP Facilitation & Contract Eval
Organics Feasibility & Planning MRF & Equipment Planning
Waste Characterization Modeling & Proformas
Set-out Rate Analysis (RouteEagle) Communications Planning & Outreach
Route Planning

Project Examples:

Solid Waste & Recycling Planning

  • Ann Arbor, MI: Solid waste and residential/commercial recycling, carts, MRF planning/upgrade.
  • Toledo/Lucas County, OH: Waste characterization and solid waste planning.
  • Mecklenburg County, NC: Set-out rate study and citizen feedback survey.
  • Peoria County, IL: Strategic and solid waste management planning update.
  • Orange County, NC: RFP response reviews and program funding research.

Collection & Processing

  • Milwaukee/Waukesha County, WI: MRF procurement and equipment oversight, transfer services, RFP support.
  • Minneapolis, MN: Single-stream collection system conversion.

OrganicsRecycling Gap Analysis

State/Regional Assessments

Communications Planning & Outreach